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Ada Lovelace Day: What it Means for Women in STEM

Tuesday, October 11 is designated as Ada Lovelace Day 2016, and the celebration and remembrance of her contributions to the field of computer science is as relevant as ever. Ada Lovelace was born in London to the poet Lord Byron and Anne Isabella Byron. However, her parents’ union was an unhappy one, and Lord Byron […]

Opening: National Museum of African American History and Culture

Earlier this month, the latest addition to the Smithsonian Institution was opened to the public. The National Museum of African American History and Culture was established in 2003 and realized a location three years later. On September 24, the building was unveiled in a ceremony led by President Barack Obama. Many outlets have shared stories […]

Influential Women in Education

Step aside boys, these women are taking the education industry by storm. Here are 5 influential women currently working in education. These women range from the President of an Ivy League College, to a POTUS appointed secretary, to writers of impactful studies. Some of them are pioneers in their respected positions, being the first woman to hold […]

Gender Inequality in Education

The challenges that female academics face can seem insurmountable. In particular, gender inequality continues to pervade academic circles, placing female academics at a severe disadvantage in terms of both employment and finances.  John W. Curtis, Director of Research and Public Policy for the American Association of University Professors prepared a document entitled “Persistent Inequity: Gender […]

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