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Give Credit Where it’s Due

When Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszú captured the gold (and a World Record) in the Women’s 400m Freestyle, audiences expected NBC’s production and commentators to lavish her with praise. This wasn’t an unreasonable expectation either. After a championship series or impressive athletic performance, reporters and analysts heap praise upon the victor. But not for Hosszú. Instead […]

6 Influential Women In STEM You Should Know

Historically, the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) have been male-dominated. Women have fought and continue to fight a long and hard battle against the glass ceiling in order to gain recognition in STEM. Here are a few important women in STEM who are truly inspirational:

Hillary Clinches the Democratic Nomination

In a historical moment, Hillary Clinton has now obtained the Democratic Nomination for the 2016 election, making her the first woman to gain the nomination for a major political party. On the night of Monday, June 6th Clinton obtained enough superdelegates to get the nomination, making her the presumptive presidential nominee. Having surpassed the 2,383 […]

Influential Women in Education

Step aside boys, these women are taking the education industry by storm. Here are 5 influential women currently working in education. These women range from the President of an Ivy League College, to a POTUS appointed secretary, to writers of impactful studies. Some of them are pioneers in their respected positions, being the first woman to hold […]

Gender Inequality in Education

The challenges that female academics face can seem insurmountable. In particular, gender inequality continues to pervade academic circles, placing female academics at a severe disadvantage in terms of both employment and finances.  John W. Curtis, Director of Research and Public Policy for the American Association of University Professors prepared a document entitled “Persistent Inequity: Gender […]

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